Top Secret: Why is it important to start off well?

The Good Book says that greater is the end of something than the beginning of it. This is true. We have seen the lives of those that were off to a bad start yet at the end of their lives, they were at the top of the world in their particular field. This is the traditional tale of grace to grass that we have come to so love. It rings with a certain note of familiarity, whichever station in life we find ourselves.  Yet, it is true that how we start off our lives is important too. It may seem a paradox that both of these statements are true. In this article, I am going to try to highlight proven reasons why the beginning of something is very important, so please walk with me.

You have probably heard of the phrase “born with a silver spoon in the mouth”. This implies that the person being referred to was born into some kind of privilege. It is usually used in an accusing manner to legitimize anger or resentment against a particular crop of people who are seemingly unfairly advantaged by some pedigree. They may be born into a wealthy family, a political empire such as an aristocracy, or some other similar marker of high privilege. While there is much to be said about privilege, it is clear that in such cases, such a person born into this kind of life is off to a good start. It can well be noted that such a person is shielded from the rough and tough life of everyday struggle and abject poverty. They can access better nutrition, are able to attend better schools, and are protected from the general violence and roughness of the streets. Also, as they grow up, their career progress is made smoother by the power of their parents’ and kin’s influence. The point here is, they start off well.

Let us move away from privilege. It is true that the way an athlete starts a race is one of the factors that determine how they are going to finish. A poor start can significantly reduce the chances of winning a race. A false start often leads to an athlete being automatically disqualified from a race. In building construction, the way a foundation is laid will also determine the structural integrity of a building. A building is not as strong as its walls, or beams, or roofs, but as its foundations. It is clear that how something is started has a significant influence on how it will run its entire course to its end.

Another area where starting off well is essential is in education. A good foundation right from kindergarten lays a good ground for advancing in the other levels of education. Now that you are entering another level of education –tertiary education, it is important to ensure you have a good start. You have all your dreams set up, you desire to achieve big things- you might even want to save the world. But if you neglect starting off well, it will severely impact on your ability to achieve your goals and objectives. In the next article, I will share the proven secrets that millions of people world over have used to help them start off well. These secrets will definitely help you as you transition into this next level of your education. Feel free to leave your comments down here below if you think it is important to start off well rather than to finish well

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