Jitume: A Game-Changer for Kenya’s Youth

Kenya is a country with a young and vibrant population, but also with high rates of unemployment and underemployment. Many young people lack the skills and opportunities to access the digital economy, which is growing rapidly and creating new jobs and markets. To address this challenge, the government of Kenya has launched the Jitume programme, an initiative by President William Ruto aimed at providing digital skills, e-services, and online jobs to over one million students in TVET institutions and youths in communities across Kenya.


The Jitume programme is designed to complement existing Digital Enablement Programmes like Ajira Digital and the Kenya Youth Employment Programme. It consists of three components: the Jitume Lab, the Jitume Class, and the Jitume Kazi work hub. The Jitume Lab is structured with centres deployed at TVET institutions, constituency and community innovation hubs and other existing institutions. The selected TVET institutions will receive over 20,000 computers, broadband connectivity, reliable power, and program coordinators. The Jitume Class is designed to provide enhanced training on digital skills that will enable youth access advanced digital jobs. The Jitume Kazi work hub is designed to provide an environment to access digitally-enabled jobs sourced locally and internationally.


The Jitume programme is implemented by various agencies, including the Ministry of Education, TVET Authority, the Ministry of Information Communication & Digital Economy, Konza Technopolis Development Authority, UNDP African Center for Technology Studies, Thunderbird School of Global Management and Association of Countrywide Innovation Hubs. The programme also leverages partnerships with world-class accredited institutions such as Arizona State University (ASU) and Thunderbird School of Global Management (Thunderbird), which offer online global education in 40 different languages to learners across the globe at no cost to the learner.


The Jitume programme is aligned with the government’s vision of transforming Kenya into a knowledge-based economy that harnesses the power of technology for development. The government has defined major flagship projects aimed at driving the digital sector forward, including developing fiber-optic infrastructure, setting up hotspots and innovation hubs, and automating and digitizing all core government services. Basic digital literacy training is compulsory for all youths enrolled in Kenyan tertiary institutions.


The Jitume programme is a game-changer for Kenya’s youth, as it empowers them with the skills and opportunities to take advantage of technology for job creation. It encourages them to take it upon themselves (Jitume) to access digital devices and opportunities to learn, become certified on skills for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and to access digital jobs. By doing so, they will not only improve their livelihoods but also contribute to the social and economic development of the country.

To learn more or sign up for Jitume, interested individuals can visit the website https://jitume.konza.go.ke/