The latest contact hours (workload) guidelines for TVET trainers have been issued by the ministry to guide academic staffing levels while considering the unique institutional environment. These guidelines are subject to review from time to time, and they provide information on the recommended number of contact hours between trainers and trainees per week.

According to these guidelines, trainers are expected to spend 18-28 hours per week in contact with their trainees. This includes time spent in classroom instruction, as well as time spent in one-on-one meetings or providing feedback on assignments.

Deputy Heads of department are expected to spend 16-18 hours per week in contact with trainees, while Heads of department are expected to spend 10-16 hours per week in contact with trainees. The Dean of Students/Registrar is expected to spend 4-6 hours per week in contact with trainees. And finally, the Principal is expected to spend 0-4 hours per week in contact with trainees.

It’s important to note that these are just guidelines, and institutions are free to tailor the contact hours to their specific needs and circumstances. However, they are expected to justify any deviation from the guidelines when submitting their staffing plan. It’s also worth mentioning that these contact hours don’t include non-teaching hours such as administrative tasks, preparation and marking, research, and professional development activities.


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